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 GOLD (Jdrama)

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PostSubject: GOLD (Jdrama)   Sat May 18, 2013 2:46 am

Saotome Yuri is the president of YS Corporation, which has gym and beauty salon operations in Tokyo. Yuri, who attracts the mass media as a charismatic beautician, has also published book(s) on children’s education and received attention for her distinctive comments on education. In the book(s), Yuri preaches the need to thoroughly ground children in etiquette and fortitude by their sixth year in elementary school, so that they will be “beautiful children” with pure hearts and bodies and as opposed to the “poor children” with impoverished hearts who are common in today’s society. This stirs up considerable controversy. Yuri has devoted her entire life to raise Olympic gold medalists. She had an older brother, Shuichi, who was a member of the Olympic national swimming team and considered a shoo-in for the gold medal, but he had died in an accident just before his event. In order to fulfill her beloved brother’s dream, Yuri had married, Akashi Tatsuya, who had won a gold medal for wrestling at the Seoul Olympics. It was to make up for the muscular strength and stamina which she lacked and to get his excellent genes. Then, Yuri educated the children she had conceived to be beautiful children, raising them up to be London Olympic hopefuls – swimming for her eldest son, Kou; athletics for her second son, Ren, and high diving for her eldest daughter, Akira. Hasumi Joji, the trainer of the Saotome children and also the general manager of YS Corporation’s gym, understands Yuri the best. Joji had once been a competitive swimmer who had taken on Shuichi for a position on the national team, and participated in the Olympics in place of Shuichi, who had died in an accident. Joji, an orphan, had that talent discovered by Yuri’s father and he also grew up together with Shuichi and Yuri. One day, Yuri conducts interviews for a new secretary. Nikura Rika, who has decided to become an independent woman in the wake of a breakup, comes to apply for the job. For some reason, Rika emerges successful from among the large number of well-qualified applicants. It is because she had won the favour of Yuri’s third son, Tomo, who does not attend elementary school because of his delicate health, during the recruitment test. A delighted Rika is instructed by Yuri to move into the company’s hostel before the day is over. Yuri’s estranged husband, Tatsuya, lives in the hostel room next to Rika. The following day, Yuri introduces Rika to Joji and Soma Yukie, the general manager of the beauty salon operations. Rika, who is at the mercy of Yuri’s words and actions, grapples with her secretarial work as if her life depends on it. At that moment, Yuri orders Rika to do something. It is to promise to give a kiss to Kou, who seems to be in a slump and has not improved his time, if he can shave one second off …

No. of Episodes: 11
Date aired: 2010-Jul-08 to 2010-Sept-16
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PostSubject: Re: GOLD (Jdrama)   Sat May 18, 2013 10:24 pm

Tori matsuzaka... XD hahaha kunjg gusto niyo ng wet look niya... 1st ep palang nito.. satisfied na kayo... XD
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GOLD (Jdrama)
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