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 Valkyrie Profile - Silmeria

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PostSubject: Valkyrie Profile - Silmeria   Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:05 am


There is only one mode available to play. However, the game gets harder with each subsequent playthrough. Chapters still exist, but periods are not used, and the player is under no time constraints.

Dungeon exploration is done in a 2D side scrolling platform manner. Alicia is the only visible character and is capable of jumping, swinging her sword, and shooting photons. Photons can bounce off the ground and walls and temporarily freeze enemies and objects in crystals and are used to solve many puzzles. Enemies are visible and attacking them gives Alicia the first move in combat with a full AP gauge. Alicia can also engage an enemy in battle by coming into contact with them; in this case, there is a chance that the player will be at a disadvantage and start with an empty AP gauge.

Sealstones are items with special effects hidden atop daises and shells within dungeons. Any sealstone that is on a dais will affect enemies within that dais' radius of influence, as well as expanding the range of sealstones in other daises. If Alicia carries a sealstone on her person it affects the whole party, and similarly if an enemy possesses one it will affect that enemy party without affecting any others. If placed in a shell, the sealstone's effect is negated completely. They may also be "restored" at a cost of Magic Crystals at a spring, allowing the player to equip them from any spring in any dungeon, rather than being returned to its original location once the player leaves the dungeon.
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PostSubject: Re: Valkyrie Profile - Silmeria   Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:48 pm

Panalo to sa graphics and effects. Smile just watched the Game Trailer and the Finishers. EPIC.
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Valkyrie Profile - Silmeria
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